25 Proven Social Media Strategies for Restaurants

Social media strategies for restaurant

Now a day, competition is at hike in restaurants business. There are millions of food business available online.

Now, the question is how to allure customers towards your restaurants?

What social media strategies you opt for outshining among your competitors?

You are aware of social media  and you know what magic it has. Now, you need to apply the tactics to sparkle yourself among all.

The way you apply it, puts direct impacts on your customers.  As, it is the way by which you can directly interact with your customers.

You not only get their views, but also their likes, dislikes and the way they look at you. When you know your customers very well then only you can offer them their favorable things.

The main motive of every business is to get more and more customers. Social media are a way by which you can easily get in touch of thousands, even millions of people at a time without giving much effort.

Here, I come up with 25 proven social media strategies for restaurants that helps you in procuring your dreams.


Coupons and Loyalty discounts:

It is a simple and fast forward way to get more number of new  customers by offering them exclusive coupons. But, do keep in mind while giving offers, of those customers who likes your restaurants and comes to you again and again.

Do offer your followers on social media exclusive coupons and offers. This will help you to get positive and healthy reputation in front of your customers and viewers and even helps in promoting your business.


Share Customer Photos

Customer satisfaction is the major goal of every business. The more your customers get satisfied, the more they share their views, comments about you on social media. It provides you positive impression on social media.

Do share photos of your customer on your social network. Tag them in  those pics and even you can ask them to share it among friends.

By this, you get more popularization of your brand in the social networks.


Ask for Opinions:

Engagement has a direct impact on your social media marketing. Always engage your customers towards you so that you have a healthy relationship with them.

Ask about their opinions about your menu on Facebook and Instagram. Ask what add-on they want in your menu, what they like most about you. By this, you can bring more leads to your restaurants and earn more profits.

Encourage your audience by providing exclusive discounts for the best suggestions.


Selfie Point:

With upcoming of smartphones, people becomes more addicted towards selfies and photos. People have a habit of clicking and sharing photos of new and beautiful location.

With the beautiful and admiring selfie zone in your restaurant, you can attract your audience. With sharing of pictures by your customers, more crowd get attracted.

Even, you can post different pictures with your unique attraction spot. Sharing always enhance user attention towards your restaurant and can enhance your business up to large extent.


Share location:

While doing social media marketing, it is always good to share your location. Your customers can only come to you, if they know exactly your location.

It is easier for them to find you. Moreover, this will help you in attracting localities towards your business. So, set up your google plus account and share your location.


Geo targeted ads on social media:

Since your business demands more localities attention. When we talk about local audience, Geo targeted ads are magical. So, it is very important to run Geo targeted ads on Facebook and instagram.

Do target your local audience first, then try to target your remote audience.


Launch A Blog for Your Restaurant:

Start a blog on your website. It will undoubtedly help you in attracting more crowds to your website and leads in your restaurant. Blogging is the biggest source to get free links.

Write about your restaurants, your dishes, customer reviews and their special memories, your specialties and many more.

Blogs helps you to tell your story to your audience. That help you to connect an emotional touch with your customers.


Social Media Influencers:

Social media influencers are those people who have a hold on large audience in social media. Their reviews, comments, like, dislike directly influence audience.

Reach out to social influencers. Ask them to share reviews about your restaurant's menu and dishes. This may be paid or free of cost.


Unique Posts:

Uniqueness always helps in classifying you from others.  Be unique and diverse. Always post contents which is a mix up of texts, pics and videos.

When we talk about engagement on social platforms, multimedia content is amazing. Try to post some videos on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Pin exotic pics of your dishes on Pinterest.


Re-target Visitors on Social Media: 

Re-target those people on social networks who visited your restaurant’s website or your restaurant. Facebook re-targeting feature really drive great results.

That will help you in gaining their attention by sending them your special offers deals.


Post Images:

delicious dish picture for social media

Today’s what looks, that sells. So, post daily a unique picture of your delicious dish on Instagram and Pinterest.

Most of the foodies people gets attracted with the pictures of luscious food, they see. You can also post inside images of your restaurant.


Share Videos:

Audience gets more attracted towards the things they see. Videos puts deep impression on their mind and attracts them towards your business and help you to increase engagement rate.

Create a quirky and fun videos of your restaurant and promote it on your social media platforms. Your promotional videos may be animated or shoot based. 


Be Active on Social Media:

More you share, more you get followers, more you get followers, the more shares you get, more sharing happen means more followers you get. Always make a healthy relation with those who come to your restaurants. Always ask your guest to follow your social media accounts.


Sharing by Staffs:

Views of your customers is important but the views of your co-workers and staffs also puts a good impression.

People have mindset that if you are treating your staff nicely then you must greet them nicely.

Ask your staff to share your stuffs on their social networks. It will give you positive name along with sharing of your brand name.


Customers Reviews:

Customers are the soul of every business. If your services satisfy your customer then, they come to you again and again. Encourage your guest to post their review on social media.

Whenever anyone comes to new restaurant they definitely searches and look after comments, reviews and ratings you get. The more comments, rating you get, the more likely chances gets increases of getting more customers.


Pay attention to audience:

Reply to all comments of your follower on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. As this shows your followers that you care for them and apply their suitable suggestion in your restaurant.

This help you to establish an emotional connect with your customers.


Handle Trollers Smartly on social media:

If any one troll you on social media, don’t block them, just hide their negative comment. Your follower can't see that negative comments but trollers keep coming to your social accounts, that help you to get more engagement on that particular social network.


Include GIF's:

Gifs are a new trend for social media. Restaurant owners should take advantage of GIFs for their social media campaigns.

An interesting GIF can help you to spread word about your restaurant in a funny and fast way.


Social Media Calendar:

Schedule your social media post smartly. Engagement rate on Facebook and Twitter depends on timing of your post.

Analyse your audience and try to find out the times and days of week when your most of audience are online.

After, analyzing smartly post at that time. As, that post gets in touch of maximum people who can enhance the rate of leads to your food business.


Analyse your competitors:

Create a list of your competitors that are doing great or better than you on a  social media.

Spend some time on their restaurant’s social media accounts. Analyse their social presence and find out their well performing post.

Try to find out types of post that are doing well for your competitors. Add these similar types of post in your social media plan. That gives you extremely new and stupendous ideas not only to outshine among them but also helps in boosting your post.


Use Hashtag:

Mostly social media sites have hashtags. Hashtag on social networks are like keywords in Search Engine optimization.

Use hashtag in your social media post that will reach in touch of people who is looking for that type of post. In social media, people like what that is available to them easily. With proper tags you get in reach of maximum of your targeted audience.

Find out the best performing hashtag in restaurant niche. Some popular local hashtags can help you to get more eyeballs. 


Choose Right Social Media Networks:

All social networks are not useful for every business type. Same applied for restaurants.

Find the well performing social media network in your area for restaurants business. Spend more time on best performing network and less time on other social platforms.

Try to explore what suits and convenient for your local audience.


Reposting on Social networks:

Find out your own best performing posts. Don’t afraid to re-post your best content on social media again.

I suggest you to make some changes in the post before posting it again. This will give a fresh look to your content.

Do not post the same post often. Try to give few days gaps between them.


Branding on All platforms:

Try to keep the same user name wherever it's possible on social media. As, it helps your audience to find you and follow you easily. Try to give the name as similar to your website and your restaurant.


Clear Call To Action:

Try to give clear call to actions as much as possible. Clear call to action helps you in getting more leads to your website.

You can even give your number, website details and even menu on the social media if you are giving home delivery. That will help you in getting more orders and help you in expanding your online food business.

You can even post exotic images of your dishes with these CTAs.


Social media marketing is very helpful if applied strategically. Right social media marketing strategies can bring a lot of customers to your restaurant. It is the best way to know your audience preferences and choices. You can easily get feedback and improve yourself. You can easily get in touch of millions of users and can easily outshine among all.

Try to think like your customers, give them details which are easy to find out. Listen to your customers reviews and feedback. All these things makes your presence stupendous and help you in gaining your customers.

You can easily maximize your profit, leads, business. For any query and any help you can contact us. We are expert in providing social media marketing services. We can help you in enhancing your business.

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