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8 Advance SEO tips that will double your traffic

Are you ready to get double traffic on your website?

Ok then, let's gets started with it. Before going deep dive into this process, It is very crucial to know about SEO. Its basic terminologies and criticality.

Currently, just like you many people are looking for a way to increase traffic on their site. You can help them by becoming SEO experts.

Staying top in the search engine results requires lots of experimentation and effort. As Google algorithm is getting updated regularly, thus it is really important to get up to date with the details.

Every day people search millions of words i.e. keywords in Google. If your website falls into the first page then chances of getting hit on your website by users are 75% and on the second page is 60% and so on it will decrease. If your website lies on the fourth and fifth page then it is good for nothing. As the chances of getting traffic on your website will be minimal.

It means if your website ranks on the first page then chances of getting more business, ROI, traffic will be more in that case. That's why everyone wants to be on the first page on the Google search engine.

If you get correct traffic on your website then chances of getting them converted are more. Thus SEO is a really important factor. As millions of users do an organic search using search engine thus social media marketing is not enough for producing results for a long race.

Here are 8 advance SEO tips that will double your traffic.

  •  Do an SEO audit of your website

First and the foremost point before starting with anything is to start with the analysis. The analysis will provide the results and shows the report card in our hand. It will tell us why we are not getting accurate traffic on our website.

You might be thinking that it is not seeing like advance SEO technique but believe me, many sites are lacking on-page SEO. Sometimes we miss the changes just by looking at it but the audit report will provide us with a proper insight of the website.

You can do a quick review of your website by considering the following points.

    •  Check whether your all websites are having a meta title and description.
    • Check whether the keyword that you have chosen for that particular page is optimized with the same keyword.
    • There should be one H1 on one page.
    • Check whether the structure of your website is optimized according to the search engine.
    • Check your page and blog, they should be properly formatted.
    • Your all featured images must have alt text included in it.
    • All link pages must have proper landing pages.


  • Know what users want

Customers/ users are the utmost priority for any business. If anyone knows what customers want then it is really easy to do stuff according to their wish. In the same sense, if we know what they are looking for we can optimize site according to their need. Get feedback from the customers, accept it and work on the same.

Marketing is a very important factor to know what users want. If you do not interact with your users then it will be very hard to get to know about them. Use social media platforms like Quora, Pinterest, Instagram to share your views with the audience then hear back from them. It is like a two-way process to get continuous feedback on the performance.


  •  Create your website which is mobile friendly

Mobile phones has become habit. People can leave their food aside at a point of time but not their mobile phone. It has become trend. Almost all are using mobile phones. They do searches more on mobile phones than on computer screens. Thus, it is very important to make the site responsive on the mobile screen as well.

Make sure that your content alignment is proper on the mobile screen. All the images, menu, the title looks good on the screen. If your site is not responsive on the screen then it is nearly impossible for that particular user to go and check his computer screen for website.

  •  Link your website to higher domain authority sites

As you already know that getting links from high authority domain helps to rank faster on Google as Google treats those websites superior among all. Similarly, if your website has landed over these sites then it will help you to gain more authority for your domain. That will eventually help you in getting more traffic and will improve your ranking

  •  Grab broken links in Wikipedia to build your links

It is mostly overlooked by many marketers but it is a very great opportunity to get highest domain authority backlinks for your website. Search in Wikipedia if you find anything like that claim it as yours and get a backlink for your website from that.

There are two types of links that you can get from Wikipedia

    •  Dead link - This is a link which is previously referred to some websites but, it does not exist now whatever be the reason.
    • Citation required - It refers to the page or source where someone has mentioned an article or information on Wikipedia without referring it to links.

If you can write valuable information regarding the same topic on Wikipedia then you will get that link easily. Basically, you can put link of that website on your content.

  •  Find your competitors links and do SEO for that

Its always said before going to war, first learn weakness of your enemy so that winning will become easy. Before putting your efforts on finding suitable keywords which will help you in rank further.

You need to do your competitors keyword analysis. Do SEO for those keywords first and then look for more and better keywords. It will help you stand out of your competitor.

  • Update your old content on a regular basis

You must have heard that Old is gold that true. But, Google thinks in a different way. It is not like that once you have made page and did SEO for content, you forgets about it. No, its not like that.

If you do not update your old content, its ranking will get degraded. Old content will have higher authority then new content but updates are required to it so that Google knows it is up-to-date with the terms and policies along with the technology. Thus it is very important to update old content.

  • Fixing Pagination issue

Before going into step how we fix that issue, first learn what is pagination. It is one type of SEO issue that affects eCommerce websites by spanning products listing on various pages. If it is not handled in a proper way then it can cause adverse effect to websites.

When you visit some eCommerce website, you must have seen a lot of product pages under the same category. Do you think this is an issue for SEO? Yes, it is.

There are many issues link to it that are mentioned below -

    • A large number of index URL - Pagination on your website will result in more number of pages that leads to that number of URLs for your website. Due to a large number of URLs ability of your page to rank in a search engine will also get diluted.
    •  Content duplicate issue - When this issue occurs, it means you have a large number of pages with a similar type of content. This will cause duplication content issue as Google will be confused regarding which page to serve in SERPS.
    •  Issue of page crawling - If you have a large number of pages with a similar type of content and more URLs then it is very hard for Google to crawl through every page and get it rank based upon the query asked in search engine.

Now, we get to know about what is pagination. Now the next question is how we can fix this issue.

    • How we can resolve page series Pagination - It refers to the parameters added to URL when user visit the same kind of category pages.

Let's take an example, suppose you want to purchase stationery items so you have visited a site that sells stationery after reaching on that website, you have realised you want to go from one page to another in order to get a better understanding of items.
As soon as you click on something it makes you land into different pages so your URL will get change from one to another.

From - www.virtualtrigger.com/stationery
TO - www.virtualtrigger.com/stationery/page2
If that page2 parameter is not handled properly then it will cause issues.
We can resolve this issue by adding a canonical tag to all pages and then link it to view-all page.















Next way to do it by removing Google index. If there are no as in advantages for content indexation then you can avoid it. The sites who are having more products so usually they avoid pagination by doing noindex.
<metadata name="robots content ="noindex,follow">














After reading this post you will get to know about advance SEO techniques that will double your traffic. If you need any further assistance or any help regarding SEO, our experts are always there for helping you out. We have a team of expertised people who knows what to do and how to do so that you will get maximum profit and worth.

Do share with us your thoughts on the same. Feel free to contact us or query regarding our services.

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