15 Free DIY SEO Tips for Startups Not Ready to Hire a SEO Consultant

do-it-yourself seo tactics

One of the topmost reason for failure of most of the startups are lack of exposure to market. Recent studies indicate that 90% startups don’t have sufficient budget for their marketing campaigns.

Running a business without promoting it online is like running a business without letting anyone know.  SEO is extremely important for online visibility to a startup. The majority of small businesses know the importance of SEO for their online success. But many of them do not have sufficient budget to hire SEO consultant.

If you are an entrepreneur and can’t afford services from a reputed seo agency. Don’t be panic.

Here I am sharing some free and do-it-yourself SEO tips that you can implement to increase your online visibility and drive more customers to your startups.

Google My Business Listing:

Google My Business is a free listing from Search Giant Google that small and big businesses can use to provide their information free of cost across Google search and map.

To get your business in Google listing, You need to fill their online form with accurate information. After providing all required information, you need to set your location in Google map and needs to accept their terms and conditions.

After 1 or 2 weeks, you will received a postcard with verification code from Google. Verify your business account with this unique verification code in Google listing.

Google uses a number of factors to determine what results to show, If your GMB listing is up to date, there are more likelihood to be displayed in local search results. Optimizing your business for local market is always always more beneficial. Also Read these local digital marketing tips to get more visibility in local search results.

You can also ask your happy customer to review in Google listing. This help you to strengthen your online presence.

Create Profile on Social Media Platforms:

In this digital era, social media may be making or breaking all your branding efforts. All social media strategies starts with creating your business account on social media platforms. Create and optimize your social profiles.

Your business name and profile picture is usually the first thing new user interact with. First of all, choose a unique and standout profile picture. Ideally, it should be square  image that represent your brand.

Fill in your information completely. Do write creative description and optimize it smartly and make it easy for audience to know what you do.

Write Long Form Content:

I personally think that long form content is extremely valuable for both search engine and users. The results showed that the long form content rank high in search results. If you want to rank higher in search result for desired keywords, write long form content.

Recent studies indicates that long content not only help in ranking well in SERPS but also attract more backlinks. It is further evidence that long form content is great for SEO.

One of the best way to get more readers and increase engagement is to create content that’s shareable on social media. Long form content also perform well on this criteria.

Don’t skip Onpage Optimization:

Onpage optimization process is one of the basic step to SEO. Without it, it is difficult to rank well in search results pages.

Onpage Optimization not only help you to rank well in search results but also help in increasing overall readability of your web pages.

There are some tips which help you to do onpage SEO and rank well in search engines.

  • H1 tag is most important tag in any web page. Use H1 tag once in each webpage.
  • Your title tag is best place to attract user to your targeted keyword. Write creative and keyword rich title for your blog post and webpages. Your Title should not exceed more than 60 characters.
  • Keep your URL short and easy to remember and include your focus keyword in URL for better results.
  • Images make your website more interesting and visually appealing. Optimize your image with proper title tag and alt tag.
  • Link your related post with each other to send extra traffic and keep your audience engaged.

Confuse about keyword placing?

Refer below Inforgraphic to get an idea about some most valuable places to add keywords in your webpage.

9 Most valuable places to add keywords on website

Offer Testimonial to Services and Products:

One of the best and underutilized way of increasing your online visibility is a testimonial for services and products you use.

Make a list of all the products and services, you have used recently. Shortlist your target and write them an email explaining them nice and worthy products and offer them a testimonial write-up for their website.

If they approve, mention your website in the description. It may help you to gain some good backlinks for your website.

Make Social Sharing Buttons Super-Easy to Find:

We all know that social media is a great place for acquiring new customers and readers for your blog posts. So, social sharing is most important.

Social sharing buttons are one of the best way to make sharing easy and encourage your visitors to share your content on social media. So, make your social media sharing buttons easy to find for your audience.

Create Profile on Business listing sites:

There are a lot of business listing websites where you can create your free business profiles. Business profile contains your Business name, phone number, address, website, and other details.

Business listing enhances your chances of getting searched online and some business listing allow do-follow link to your website and also help you in your SEO efforts.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire an Off Page SEO agency, the most important thing to remember is that business listing plays vital role in online reputation.

Frequently Update your old content:

As it is always said “Old is gold”. Like that updating and re-sharing your old content help you to get more eyeballs for your content.

It also send a freshness signal to search engines that may lead to improving your ranking in search results.

So frequently update your old posts and also make sure to update your underperforming old posts with the latest information.

Blog Commenting:

Leave comments on other relevant websites and blogs, it is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website.

An effective commenting strategy will help you to create backlinks, driving traffic and creating a connection with niche bloggers.

Always comments on active, high authority, reputed website blogs. Always remember, nobody wants a meaningless comment on their blog. So, always use comments to add value to their post.

Adopt Easy to Navigate Website Architecture:

Website architecture refers to the way, we design a website to meet our goal with the great user experience. Always adopt an easy design to navigate website structure.

Encourage and Respond to Reviews:

A number of studies indicates that consumer regards online reviews as credible. Encourage your previous and existing customer to review your services and products on social media platforms.

Respond to all reviews including negative reviews. Some negative comments are not caring and thinking worth, you can ignore such reviews.

Target Long Tail Keywords:

A long tail keyword is one with three or more word phrases that is very very specific to your product and services

Long keywords are always specific and have low competition compare to short tail keywords. These types of keywords can be hugely valuable if you know how to effectively target them.

Install Google Tools:

Install Google analytics and Google search console. These are free tools and provide you insight about your website performance.

These tools give information about traffic on your website and user behavior. These can also tell you details like source of traffic and Geographical information about the user.

Analyse your Competitors:

Find out your competitors and analyse their online presence. Analyse their content and link building strategy and try to add their strategies in your future plans.

Based on your observations, make a proper plan to outrank your competitors.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is Hero of every SEO strategy. Writing valuable guest post have numerous benefits. You get backlink from authority website and also get referral traffic from that site.

Always target the high authority niche website for guest posting. Don’t hesitate to ask other webmasters to write a guest post for their website. It is always fruitful for your startup.


Above DIY SEO tips are provided to help you to create a solid foundation for your online presence. There are the endless number of things, you can do to improve your SEO and there is no substitute for a dedicated SEO consulting agency whose only job to improve your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.








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