SEO for Wedding Photographers : 15 tips you need to know

SEO Tips for wedding photographers

Being a wedding photographers, you are not only redeeming your duty but you are cherishing life moments of others. Your job is full of passion, talent along with responsibility.

As, approach is changing for marketing with digitization. You need to pay attention to promotion along with your job.

Since everyone is moving towards online business that leads to a vast increment of competition in the market.

So, it is really important for you to rank higher in order to get more traffic and leads. Everyone wants to have good number of clients so as to rely dreams.

As a wedding photographer, one of your goal is to get more number of clients. But promoting your wedding photography business is not a piece of cake.

Search engine ranking is very important in order to grow your business online and to get more number of leads.

Now a day, Search engine optimization is not an option, it is a necessity. Being a wedding photographers, giving efforts on SEO is fruitful and essential for recognizing your photography business.

High ranking in search engine pages results and a well optimized website can help you in getting more ideal clients.

You must be thinking

How can I rank higher in SERPS?

How can I get more Customers online?

How Can I do SEO for my wedding photography website without losing a single penny?

Don’t worry guys,

I am here to help you to decide right do-it-yourself SEO strategies for your wedding photography blog. Here I am sharing some tips that help you in ranking higher in search engine pages results and help you in getting more leads, results, profits.


Optimize Home Page:

First and easy way to start with is to optimize your home page of your wedding photography site. You need to use title tag and heading smartly such that it has every possible keywords that drags your customers to your website.

Ideally title tag of your site should contains  your brand name + wedding photography + city.

While making home page always keep it as simple, neat and clean as possible. There must be clear call to action for getting higher conversion rate.


Customer Feedback:

Customers can make your business hit and can even put you down. Thus, it is really important to take views of customers and work accordingly.

Positive feed backs from customers attracts others visitors in your favor and can even converts those visitors to your future clients.

We always recommend adding customers reviews to your website. It can even help you in building authority in Google and others search engines.


Internal Link Structure:

Internal links are very important for your site. The internal pages of your wedding photography site should be interconnected so that search engine Bot can easily crawl through your pages.

Well connected internal linking of pages can help you to reduce bounce rate and can enhance better user experience.

The anchor text can help you to boost your ranking in Google Search results. Ideally, anchor text of your internal links should be your niche keyword like wedding photography, wedding shoots.


Images Optimization:

Images are the most important ingredient of photography blog. If you are doing SEO for wedding photography website, you can’t afford to ignore optimization of images.

While doing optimization always take care of over optimization. Never do over optimization.

Choose the perfect file name for your images. Try to put your keywords also in file name.

Loading time is one of the most influential ranking factors in Google algorithm.

Size of your image can influence loading time and speed of your site, so always try to keep these images as small as possible.

Ideal image size for better SEO is approx 100Kb.

Use alt and title tag smartly.


Focus on Local SEO:

As a wedding photographers, you want to focus on the customers from your city or near by city. So always optimize your website for local search terms. 

That helps you to rank higher in Google search results for local keywords.

Use more local Meta keywords. We know, Meta keywords are not so important for search engines now a day but they can help you little in ranking higher.

Ideally your title tag should be wedding photography followed by your city. Place your keyword first in title tag and URL.

Ideal character limit for title tag is 70, but I recommend keeping it shorter than 57 characters. It gives more readability to your visitors.

URL of your post and pages should be neat and clean. Try to keep your URL as short as possible.


URL structure


As shown in above image, your URL structure should be user friendly and catchy.


Launch Blog on your Website:

Try to write a blog post on your previous projects. Optimize these posts for cities and share your memorable, lovely wedding pics in these posts.

Along with that, do share some memory of the city in which shoot happens. This will help you to optimize your blog post for that city as well.

Optimize your each blog post for a unique niche keyword. Don’t stick for only a single keyword in each post.

Write long and interesting blog posts. As Google hate thin content, so I always recommend you to write long content with rich keywords.

Launching a blog can not only help you in getting more traffic on your site but also gives authority in the eyes of Google and make your brand recognition.

If blog post is optimized appropriately that  can act as great source for backlinks to your site.

Update your blog content more often so that Google recognize it as fresh.


Keyword Analysis:

Do your keyword research smartly. Try to find out your local keyword for your wedding photography business.

When you are doing keyword research, Google Keyword planner is really a great tool.

Just type a wedding photography related terms in search bar, it will suggest a list of different keyword with their competition and approximate search volume.

I personally recommend you to go for long specific keywords. Never go for high competitive keywords.


Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites may be great source of traffic for your photography blog, as these sites have millions of followers. Social bookmarking also helps you to build some backlinks to your site.

First of all collect a list of social bookmarking sites. Popular Bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. Before doing any submission to these sites, spend some time on these sites and make some followers on these websites. 

Submit your latest post in these bookmarking sites. Whenever you submit your post  in social bookmarking sites, submit some famous blog post with your your URL.


Image Submission Sites:

Your marvelous image captured last night on wedding can help you to build some backlinks to your site. There are a number of high authority site out there where you can submit your lovely image and these image are linked to your domain.

Such site also help you to make your fan following. Optimize your images before submission.

Write a good caption and description for your images. You can also leave your link in the description if that particular site allow you to do so.


Blog Commenting:

Make a list of quality blogs on photography, shooting equipment and wedding planning. Leave nice and thoughtful comment on these blog whenever they publish a new article.

I request you please don’t do spam and never choose a auto generated commented software. The comment must be real and genuine.


Share Your Tricks:   

Share your wedding photography tips and tricks  in different photography blogs. That will help you to earn backlinks and recognize you as an expert wedding photographer.


Photography Assets Reviews:  

Write reviews about different types of cameras and lenses on your blog. Make sure that your reviews are fair enough and helpful.

Also write your reviews on different shooting assets sites as these site are high authority sites, they can help you to build your follower base.


Optimize Social Media:

Social media is really helpful for photographers. Create a page on Facebook. Share your latest work and photos on your Facebook page. Also share your photography tips on your Facebook page.

Instagram is all about images. Create your account on Instagram. Follow the some photographer and share your latest clicks on Insta. Make sure to use hashtag with your photos.

Also create your account on Twitter and Pinterest. Optimize these platforms too.

With these simple tricks you can build a real fan following on social media. Never buy fake follower. They can hamper your engagement rate on social media platforms.


Share Memories:

Share your client's beautiful memories and picture in your blog post and ask your clients to share this post on social media.

I am sure that they love to share your post. It gives you more traffic and social signals.

These social signal are really important for search engines. Also tag your customers while sharing their pictures.


Call To Actions:

What  if people come to your site and they are leaving without any action. This situation is really headache for most of wedding photographers.

As, whole practice of Search engine optimization is for getting some new clients.

What should we do?

Here is the solution.

Put the appropriate call to action at right places in your site. Your CTA should be clear and eye catching.


There are a lot of more things you can your wedding photography website’s SEO. The main aspect is user experience. Try to improve your user experience above all. If your user come again and again to your site, Google love your site.

Best Of luck for your wedding photography business. Let me know, if you have any question regarding SEO for your wedding photography site.

Also, share your views with us in below comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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  • Supramind

    Very helpful information is provided on this blog on how the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done successfully for wedding photographers’ professional websites. This would help to reach out to larger audiences and attract clients by displaying some of the work on the websites.

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  • Bessie Tilley

    Hi, Vandana!
    Thanks for sharing an effective and very good quality post!
    I have read carefully and noted some information from your post. You have a great experience about SEO. I have a question, Keyword proximity and keyword prominence are important for SEO? You have the great writing ability with easy languages. Please, continue your writing in the future to help us!

    Again thank you!

    • Vandana

      Glad it help, Bessie 🙂

      keyword proximity and keyword prominence is still important for optimizing content for a webpage. Try to place your keyword in beginning of the page and one of the heading and Title Tag.

  • Himanshu

    that’s great surely all this stuff will help us to get better ranking in google. especially blog commenting will help to direct the traffic towards the website. and also link building will be plus point in SEO. also, I found an article on PIXPA about seo that really helps me out. check out that article and let me know.