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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service


With the boom of technology, everyone has taken their businesses online. Everyone wants to engage more and more customers online in order to earn profits.

Now the question is as what helps you to become unique from all crowd? How you distinguish yourself from your competitors? How you attract people towards your promising business?

Questions are many but solution  is SEO.

We are enthusiastic and highly trained SEO professionals who have complete and detailed insight of managing the right traffic to your website in order to convert it into leads.

When we talk about SEO, lots of questions comes in the mind of people. We have lots of options available to us like SEM, SMM, PPC, content media marketing then why we go for SEO ? Why we need it? Why we spend our budget over it? Why it is necessary?

Before doing a deep dive about the support provided by us for SEO.  Let’s first understand the basics of SEO that will help you in going more deep dive about it.


Search engine optimization

SEO is a technical term used for  informing search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others , that your site is now a member of the online community.

With the advent of digitization, business is following the trend of internet marketing. Business marketing strategy has opted a new way for popularizing and enhancing business. Search engine optimization is a soul of every online business. It is important to apply it wisely in order to get fruitful results.

Let’s analyse why page ranking matters. When we searches on the search engines, we gets the results in terms of pages and the links shown on the search engine page. When we gets the result, we have the habit of surfing the links and pages according to our need. So, surfing of the links reduced as we move further with the pages. In short, the likability of visiting the website on the first page is more and hence worth it gets reduced.  Now the question is why so? Because we think that results shown on the first few pages are relevant to our query than others or our need gets satisfied with first few pages only so we do not take a chance to visit others.

In short, there is a directly proportional relationship between traffic and ranking of your website. Both are related to each other.

Many people also have the question when we are getting results faster in others tools then why we need SEO ?  The answer for that is simple for running a long race we have to think bigger. SEO is not something that you move your magical wand and gives us the results soon. Instead it is like a steady process which takes time. In short, the things that comes slows will always remains.

Now, the question is how to rank higher? The solution of this questions is website optimization.

Now, the question is what techniques to use? In SEO we have lot of options available like black hat SEO, white hat SEO. If we choose wisely then we will get what we want. Black hat SEO can give results faster but it is highly dangerous as if it get caught, your website can be blacklisted. So, follow always the right path. We at Virtual Trigger always ensure to follow correct path for our clients so that our clients gets best ROI.


Factors on which ranking of search engine depends

With time SEO is also getting upgraded. It is not the same as previous, day by day logic and algorithms of search engine are getting smarter. The ranking of a specific page in a search engine results depends on different factors.

Some of them are listed below for your reference:

  • Backlinks:

Many people has misconception that more backlinks means more volume of customers. On the contrary, there are only two factors that matters in case of backlinks i.e.  relevancy and the authority of domain that links to your web page. Always avoid low quality backlinks, they can harm your website. Inappropriate or low quality backlinks may bring traffic, but that traffic can never be fruitful for your business.

  • Keyword Analysis:

The base of SEO is keyword analysis. A great keyword analysis can do miracles for your website. When you are looking keyword for your web page always keep in mind that the most crucial factor on which keywords depends is user intent and relevancy of your business. If you fail to do so, the journey becomes bumpier and within time being you are losing your time and money.

Thus, always hire a great keyword analyst or web analyst company for your website. At Virtual Trigger, our professionals ensures that the keywords that we choose directly goes with your website so that whatever traffic you gets, it will add value to your website.

  • Domain Authority:

Several factors like domain age, inbound and outbound links, registration length, content freshness factor help search engines to decide the authority of a domain. If your search engine optimization company succeeded in increasing your Domain Authority (DA), then you are on right track. Low quality links and thin content harm your DA. It is of equal importance as it decides how your page rank higher.

  • Content Quality:

Quality of content is a more crucial factor for Google deciding your ranking in SERPs. Unique content always gives you remark in the search engine results. The search engine shows you result based on the keywords that you search. If you have copied content, it gives bad ranking to your website. Google love well researched  and in depth content.

Always avoid keyword stuffing in your content. Now, keyword stuffing comes in the category of black hat technique. The worst case of using this technique is ban of your site.

  • User Experience:

Search engines decide user experience based upon Bounce rate and Dwell time of your website. If you want to rank higher, you should focus on improving your user experience.

  • Internal Linking:

Internal links hold a crucial place in search engine. Well structured internal linking make your site crawlable for search engine  bots. That help in the decreasing bounce rate of your website.

  • Onpage SEO:

Well optimized Title tag, meta tag, meta description, images, ALT tag, Heading tags, Keyword frequency, LSI keywords is the key to rank higher in search engines.

  • Off Page SEO:

Off-page is essential for a successful website. off-page optimization process is consist of several activities to popularize your website on Internet including link building.

  • Site Design:

The responsive site design and a good structure of your site can boost user experience and positively influence your ranking in Google search results pages.

  • Social Signals & User Behavior:

Bing officially accept that they give a high priority in SERPs to the site that have large social influence. A positive feedback from the audience and good social signal can influence your ranking in search engines.

  • Coding and Security:

Design and development, codes of your website should be as per W3 consortium standards. HTML, CSS and Javascript code usage should be valid. Adding SSl certificate in your website gives a positive boost in your ranking. So, always hire a good web development company.


There are many other factors on which ranking depends, these are loading speed, server location, content type, sitemap, URL structure, domain history, keyword in the H1 tag, content length, keyword density, image and video optimization, outbound link quality, grammar, number of outbound and internal links, Broken links on your site, reading level of your content, page rank and page category, Priority of page in sitemap, page age, Site architecture, backlink anchor text, natural link profile, Microformats, Organic Click Through rate (CTR), use of Google analytics and Webmaster tools. We always recommend you to avoid over optimization. As over optimization can lead to a permanent  ban on your website in Google search results.

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Let’s understand how the search engine delivers result

When anyone does query in the search engine, it breaks the query in keywords. It starts matching these keywords in its database and delivers you result based on above listed factors. There are few steps that take place
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving
First of all, when you create any webpage then search engine bots crawl your site. It marks all the web pages on your website. Search engine stores that result into their database with your site link and search engine frequently update their database. Watch this video from Google to understand the Google search algorithm.


As, the search engine is not a human being. It gives results based on the structure, ranking, user experience, back links, site design, off page SEO and many more. Everything must be appropriate and use perfectly in its place. Anything higher or lower can affect ranking adversely.

Here are some actions we take while optimizing your website:

At Virtual Trigger, our talented professionals understand search engine algorithms and knows the value of your business to you. We always use techniques that is up to date so that our client business touches sky. We know the importance of your trust on us. We value you and your business as it is ours.

Search engines have some guidelines and regulations which everyone must adhere. We always recommend white hat techniques. This approach is slow but steady and it gives long lasting impact.

We always adhere to the strict guidelines of search engines. We promise you while delivering that we can not do miracles in one day by breaking any laws. We deliver the best to you, so that it gives you best fruits later on. We are always passionate about what we do, and we always ensure that it will give you maximum results.  We are not among those who charges lots of money for showing you on day happiness.

Our professionals ensures that the keywords that we choose directly goes with your website so that whatever traffic you gets, it will add value to it. We are always passionate about what we do, and we always ensure that it will give you maximum results. We have special types of strategies defined by which we do our analysis first , we understands your business motive and then we use keywords that exactly go with your content.

Let's have a quick walk through our optimization Process

Basically, what is your rank is defined by on-page and how high you rank is determined by off-page optimization.

  • Manual submission into Search Engines.
  • Listing in major local directories.
  • Manual submission into major Business Listing Websites
  • Podcasting and RSS feed submission.
  • Discussion on social media groups and communities to generate social signals.
  • Article submission, content creation on high authority blogs.
  • Build quality backlinks from high authority relevant sites.
  • Social media account Creations and Optimization.
  • Business Account Creation
  • Guest Posting on niche websites

Onpage Optimization Process

  • We interact with you so that we can understand your business requirements.Complete website analysis.
  • Keyword research and prioritize keywords and URL mapping.
  • Analysis the onpage SEO and recommend changes in the site structure, URL structure and meta tags.
  • Competitor research and suggest changes based on this anlysis
  • Website content analysis and recommend  changes.
  • Landing page identification and recommendations.
  • Set up Google analytics and webmaster tools
  • Goal setup in analytics
  • Microformat and Schema implementation.
  • Relevant call to action implementation

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At virtual trigger, we have highly professional and enthusiastic team who are always there to listen to your business need. and then, only we provide best solution according to your problem. We never make false promises about the things. We are highly committed towards our work.  We do what suits you and your pocket. For us, your growth is ours.

We are eagerly waiting to serve you and for helping you in order to provide you optimize solution for providing you better ROI. We are just a call away from you.  You can even drop your website details along with your email id on our contact page. Our executive will contact you shortly or you can drop a mail to us at mail@virtualtrigger.com

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