Social Media Marketing Services


Every company need a social media strategy to strengthen their online presence. Our social media marketing services helps you in understanding the opinions of your customers, their talks and their thinking about your brand.

Moreover, we help you in directing and managing those conversations, opinions that helps you in understanding the needs of your customers. We help you in driving more reliable and appropriate traffic to your site through online exposure of your brand in social media.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy Consists of:

Social Account Creation

We will help you find the perfect username and profiles on the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Social Media Integration

We choose right widget and plugins for your website to integrate with your social network which also help in scheduling your post on social networks.

Brand Awareness

Our close relationship with top social influencers can give the coverage to your brand  that it deserve on social media. Influencers are those people who have influence on social networks. If they are talking about your brand, it is like everyone is talking about it. We will reach out to niche influencers and convince them to share your brand story with their followers. This is the great way to build social PR.

Cross Channel Promotion

Cross channel promotion is a process of using different social networks to reach your audience. We promote your brand stories on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Digg, Reddit and many more. As every social community have their set of rules like that, we owns different marketing strategy for different social networks. We manage cross channel marketing efforts integration so that all social channels compliments each other.

Competitor Analysis

Our approach based upon the analysis of your core competitors so that we do things which is best for you. We first find out the marketing strategies of your competitors on social media. Then, We find the best techniques that makes you superior among all and implement that for your brand. We make it possible for you to understand their strategies, deals that they are using for popularizing their brand. This will help you to come up with a better deals and strategies on social media.

Paid Ads

We will help you in strategising PPC for social networks. Your paid advertising on social media networks can do miracle for your online presence with appropriate and right team. You can grow your followers and traffic on your site through this easy methods. It can also help you to drive more leads. Study tells us that a good social paid ads can help you to earn some backlinks. Backlinks helps you in getting better ranking on the search engine results. Thus, helps in draging more traffic.

Viral Content Creation

The unique and engaging content creation is the key features of our content creation team. We create different types of contents for different Social Networks. These contents includes images, GIF, Tweets, Long form post for facebook and Tumblr. We first understand your audience and their nature on social media and accordingly, we develop appealing content for your customers.

Social Analysis

Our social media professionals analyze your brand presence on each social networks. We measure the effectiveness of our past actions on each platforms and reviews our strategies again and again. Our analysis on data helps us to decide the right strategy for future actions on social media. We always keep analysing and measuring outcomes of our past actions of social platforms. We try to figure out which types of post are working best for you and what is the best time to publish these post on networks.

Do you want more Conversation?

Common mistakes in Social Media Marketing:

There are umpteen of examples of social media marketing mistakes . Here, we like to highlight some common mistake make by most of the businesses on social network platforms:

Social aspect ignorance :

The biggest mistake, you can make on  social media is ignoring its social aspect. Social media is not a way of having just conversation with each other. It is a way of building and interacting with crowd. Try to make a community. Try to reply to comments on your posts and pay special attention to negative comments and complaints. Treat your social networks like an extension of your customer care.

Buying Fake Followers :

Getting followers and likes without any work with a little money on social network looks a great idea but it is a nine days wonder. It’s a common mistake most of people does on social media. These follower don’t care what you share. As you know social media is all about engagement. These followers leads to low engagement rate on your brand page or account, that reduce visibility of your post on most of networks. So this practice of buying such followers is wastage of time and resources.

Inappropriate Content :

Posting too much or posting inappropriate content may lead your audience to unfollow your account. Before posting anything on your brand page, always make sure that content is engaging and appropriate. Spamming can harm your brand. Your social content should well researched. Never post just for sake of posting.

Excessive Automation :

On social media, people come to meet like minded people, they want to listen a personal views. If you send automated direct message to your all follower on twitter, more than 70% of your followers, unfollow your account. Avoid excess use of automated tools. Always use automated tool smartly.

Wrong Strategy :

Without a right strategy or with no strategy, you can’t optimize social media to grow right traffic to your site or to drive leads. If you don’t know the right strategy for your social accounts, you should not be there. We recommend to include measurable CTAs in your social media marketing strategy.


Why choose Us

We believe in finding opportunities in threats. Social networks are dynamic in nature and these networks require custom strategies. We always provide a custom social media marketing strategy to our clients after analyzing their brand reputation and their customers.

We try to inform your audience about your products and services. We help you to convert your audience in your customers. Our goal is to increase sale and make your online reputation stronger. Our social media marketing services can help you with

  • Increase web traffic

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Generate Social Signals for your website

  • Generate Leads from Social Media

  • Brand Awareness

  • Product or Event Awareness

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